Long March to Freedom at Century City.

Historic Figures Reflecting the Country’s Diverse History and Cultures

The Long March to Freedom is a one-of-a-kind concept. A tour through the procession is an immersive and moving experience as visitors connect with the lives of the persons so vividly created in bronze. From the Khoi leaders of the 1600’s, Doman and Autshumato, Louis van Mauritious and the Stuurman Brothers; to proud Xhosa and Zulu Kings, Maqoma, Shaka and Dingaan; to the men and women who led the struggle through the dark apartheid years, Helen Suzman, Oliver Tambo, Albert Luthuli, and to international leaders such as Heile Selassi and Martin Luther King Jnr, the procession is a sweeping narrative statement of South African pride in the country’s diverse history and cultures.

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by MapMyWay

12 February 2020